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The first Afro-Latino to run in the 136th district. A son of a single mother who worked hard to provide for her children. A proud graduate of Bishop Kearney High School in Irondequoit, who went on to attend College at the State University of NY at Potsdam. I have always kept close the idea of giving back to my fellow man as so many people had done along the way for me.


We know and understand that sometimes people need a hand up in life. This gave me the foundation of what would be the start of my professional career. Serving in various outreach roles whether mid level or supervisory.


Fast forward to today, I am an experienced non-profit professional well versed in policy with mid-level management experience. With a keen focus on the value of service to consumers and assisting others for the betterment of the community.


I recently ran for the office of Monroe County Legislature in the 26th district seeking to build our family systems and bolster training and employment initiatives as well as work to create safer and community based neighborhoods.


My family and I currently reside in the historic Maplewood neighborhood.


Citizen Member Monroe County Planning Board 

Board of Directors Rochester Hispanic Business Association (RHBA)

Member Rochester Latino Rotary

GRAR's Hispanic Real Estate Professionals of Rochester (HREP Roc)

New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR)

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)

Executive Board of Directors Cancer Support Community Rochester

Member Knights of Columbus

Board of Directors Housing Council at PathStone

Member National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS (GRAR)

Bishop Kearney Alumni Council


Public Safety:

We must prioritize the safety of our citizens and protect families and neighborhoods. The people that live in the community deserve a good quality of life and to be respected and protexted by their government. With crime at an all-time high, there needs to be support for those who protect and serve our communities by holding violent individuals accountable for their crimes.

Cost of Living:

Rising costs have caused our earned dollars to not stretch as far as they once did. We are

spending more on average and keeping less.This cannot continue. Business owners have

suffered and some are closing their doors.Small businesses are the backbone of our

community. Working families deserve better from our state and local governments.


As a licensed Real Estate agent I focus on helping individuals build wealth through

homeownership. Our current housing stock continues to be low, This has caused home

purchase prices over the last few years to skyrocket and create a market where buyers escalate their offers in order to secure a home. With interest rates going up the thought is this will help contribute to slowly normalizing the market. Your average buyer that really needs to purchase a home and have limited flexibility are now potentially being priced out of owning. 

Homeownership creates stability for a family and also a sense of pride. We cannot allow the

American dream of homeownership to slip away. We need to look at the barriers people face to

become homeowners and address them.


NY State leads the nation in funding and spending for public schools K-12. We must expect

better, especially when our Rochester City school district spends well above the national

average per student. We need to adequately look at all school budget spending and track

performance to determine where help is needed and implement a sound plan to address

deficiencies. There are schools who have developed a formula for success through proper

planning and approach. In the right environment a child can learn and grow. We must

encourage them and challenge them daily.


There are many challenges our veterans face after leaving the military. For those who

dedicated themselves in service to our country you have my utmost respect. Our veterans need our support. By working with and advocating for local veteran support programs we can ensure veterans are held in the highest regard and receive the proper assistance needed.

Health Care:

With our healthcare system currently strained due to higher numbers of people being seen in

the Emergency Depts. This can be stressful for our dedicated health care professionals. Factor

in rising costs of health insurance. Preventative care should be a part of a focus plan moving forward. As an example, according to the NYS Cancer registry cancer is one of the most common chronic diseases in NY State and is second to heart disease as the leading cause of death. Giving our community the knowledge they need through proper preventative maintenance strategy is key. Ongoing education for risk factors for diseases.. Provide access to early testing with determining factors as a reference point.


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